Balonomics 101

7 Days to Change

5 things a day to hold you accountable

Is it possible to change the direction of your life in a week? Of course it is! We make decisions that alter our lives in a spilt second every day. Getting out of bed is a decision we make in a millisecond.

When you wanted to leave that job you hated, that decision was made in a second. You might say that it was building up to that, but that isn't true. The ACTUAL decision was made in that second you decided not to go back and didn't.

People tend to focus on events that lead up to giving you the courage to make the decision. I just realized that we have total power on what we do with our life. We just have to be disciplined and dedicated to making a change

This book will set you on that path if you take action with its contents. It should be used as a mirror to see the true you without the influence of friends and family.

• Set Goals

• Visualize Your Success

• Take Calculated Risks

• Stop Procrastinating

• Sell A Product

• Dedicate Yourself to Networking

• Get Over Your Fear

• Get Healthy

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